Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 AWG Apples for the Students Program

AWG proudly serves the community by enhancing our youth’s education.
  • After schools' enrollment, all of the information you need for a successful campaign can be found on this website
  • Many of your local families and school supporters currently shop at your store providing a strong base.
  • Generate more interest and enthusiasm to increase those benefits by utilizing the tools provided.
  • Thank you for volunteering your valuable time. Rest assured your efforts do not go unnoticed by all who benefit from the energy invested in helping your school obtain FREE supplies and equipment.
  • IS YOUR SCHOOL PARTICIPATING?                                       Call Program Headquarters to inquire 1-800-999-7750.

Good luck with your school’s success in this year’s program!


New Schools: Click on the “Register Here” tab, at the top left, and follow the instructions. If your school is not found, contact us at 800-999-7750 for assistance in enrolling your school.

Returning Schools: Click on the “Login Here” tab, at the top left, and update your school using the username and password that can be found in the welcome email.